School Badges

Reliable Stamping provides many services to many companies and corporations, but one of the services we are particularly skilled at and always provide high quality products with is School badges. This includes all types of school badges, from shields, to bars to even star shaped badges, with a variety of labels on them such as "prefect", "Head Girl" and "Head Boy" etc. On top of this we are able to put up to three colours enamelled onto the badge so this could represent your schools colours, but you can also have them plane. This means if within your school, you have "House Captains" for four different colours for example, you can get four different "Head Captains" colours to represent the four houses. These stylish Pin Badges are of the highest quality badges and are guaranteed to last the ups and down of a students life throughout school.

Our Range

Shield Badge (No. 96 Catalogue)-On this badge you can have any of the following plus a choice of up to 3 colours:
Bar Badge (No. 95 Catalogue)-On this badge you can have the following with any colour you require:


Vice Captain
House Captain  
Games Captain
Sports Prefect
Deputy Head Girl
Deputy Head Boy
Class Captain
Head Girl
Head Boy
Year Captain
Team Captain
Form Captain
Deputy Games Captain
Deputy Year Captain
Plain Shield Small
Plain Shield Large
School Prefect
Senior House Captain
Character Shield
Reading Leader
Pupil Council
Eco Rep
Maths Leader
School Council
Science Club
Head Boy La Crosse
Head Girl Physical Education
Councillor Tennis
Captain Rowing
Vice Captain Chess
House Captain Class Captain
Games Captain RWS Science
Sports Captain Dance
Committee Badminton
Prefect Charity
Monitor Senior Mentor
Librarian Enterprise Warrior
Merit Year Rep
Choir Music Prefect
Orchestra Cara Prefect
Senior Student Student Council
Convener Mentor
Pupil Forum Deputy Head Boy
Bus Prefect Deputy Head Girl
RWS Arts Publicity
Student of the Week House Prefect
Enterprise School Council
Bus Monitor Swimming
Ambassador Form Sponsor
Activity Leader Form Representative
Band P.A.L.S
Gymnastics Pupil Council
Sports Council Form Captain
Forum Administration
Football Water Bailiff
Netball Class Rep
Basketball Class Prefect
Rugby RWS Sport
Rounder's Buddy
Hockey Library Prefect
Athletics Senior Prefect
Cricket Paired Reader
Cross country Activity Learner
Young Leader Magazine
Reading Leader Headteacher Award

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